Partners In Leadership Announces New Sales Training Approach, Belief Based Selling

Global Consulting Firm Expanding Accountability Training for Sales Professionals

Partners In Leadership, a global consulting firm and the pioneer of Accountability Training, is pleased to introduce a revolutionary approach to sales training, Belief Based Selling. Belief Based Selling provides a unique application of Partners In Leadership’s award-winning curriculum that focuses on customer beliefs that influence sales outcomes. Partners In Leadership has engaged a team of highly experienced sales and management facilitators to train, coach, and engage sales teams on how to enhance the relationships between sales professionals and their customers.

“Belief Based Selling gives sales professionals a simple approach to win more business, faster,” said Gordon Treadway, CEO and president of Partners In Leadership. “Many customers have benefited from the nearly three decades of Partners In Leadership’s unique approach to Accountability Training and our culture change consulting services. With the introduction of Belief Based Selling, we are now providing the sales professional a previously untapped competitive advantage by focusing on the core of what will drive their business—the customer belief.”

Belief Based Selling gives sales professionals a simple approach to win more business, faster.

Gordon Treadway, CEO & President, Partners In Leadership

Belief Based Selling’s unique approach to sales through customer beliefs is part of Partners In Leadership’s commitment to deliver world-class consulting and training solutions.

“As the Director of the Belief Based Selling team at Partners In Leadership, we have already heard great feedback and a sense of excitement among our customers about our new training offering. Many agree that this will be a true game changer for the way that their sales team’s engage the customer as well as one another,” said Jim Dion, Director of Belief Based Selling for Partners In Leadership.

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