Novelis Wins Organizational Culture Award at OPEX Week: Business Transformation World Summit

Novelis OPEX Award Winners

Partners In Leadership client wins the prestigious award in the category for Best Achievement in Transforming Organizational Culture

​​Partners In Leadership, LLC, the firm that guides clients in defining Key Results™, shaping Cultural Beliefs®, and solving Accountability Gaps, is pleased to announce that one of the firm’s clients, Novelis, has won the 2020 OPEX Award for Best Achievement in Transforming Organizational Culture.

The annual Global OPEX Awards honors, recognizes and promotes individuals and teams who have made a commitment to driving superior operational excellence and business transformation. Novelis has been awarded through its achievement of transforming itself in two short years into a goal-driven culture of accountability and success. Employee engagement and customer satisfaction increased 22 percent, ROCE nearly tripled, and cash flow improved by 471 percent.

“You can never overestimate the impact a strong culture has on an organization. If you are genuine and use every means at your disposal to reach and engage your workforce toward specific business goals, the results are astounding,” said HR (Shashi) Shashikant, Senior Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer. “Today, Novelis is united and stronger than ever before, moving forward with our purpose of shaping a sustainable world together.”

To generate this level of success took an innovative approach, which started with Novelis reaching out to Partners In Leadership. After first benchmarking the Novelis culture against both manufacturing and business-to-consumer companies, a comprehensive multi-year plan was launched. It began by bringing together the company’s top 150 leaders to identify the behaviors that had to be adopted to transform the culture – the Novelis Cultural Beliefs: Do It Right, Say Anything, Own It!, Get Focused and Win Together.

This could not be a set of terms pushed down through the organization, so supporters rallied across the globe to roll out culture-changing materials and experiences in seven languages. This multi-faceted approach leveraged a universal shared experience, customized culture tools and employee accountability for the culture transformation.

Within this new environment of accountability, Novelis teams have accomplished many significant wins, such as developing two new aluminum alloys able to compete against steel in automotive applications, process improvements that boosted production up to 20 percent, and the industry’s first global contract to supply 47,000 tons of aluminum to a single automotive manufacturer.

Additional accomplishments from FY16 to FY18 include:

  • 19% reduction in injuries
  • 22% improvement in customer satisfaction
  • Quality improved by 49%
  • 97% completion of scheduled maintenance
  • ROCE increased from 5.1% to 14.6%

“We have been partnered with Novelis since 2014 and this award is a reflection of the incredible culture transformation work they have done and continue to do,” said Marcus Nicolls, Senior Partner Partners In Leadership. “They have created a culture to match and execute on their brilliant strategy - a winning combination!”

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Source: Partners In Leadership


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