Hundreds of Global Companies to Gather in D.C. for National Accountability+ PLUS Symposium

Immersive event addresses cutting-edge behavioral science on critical workplace issues

Partners In Leadership, a global consulting firm and the pioneer of Accountability Training, announces its second national accountability, culture, leadership and engagement symposium, Accountability+ PLUS, to be held at Key Bridge Marriot in Virginia, May 15-17, 2017.

The Accountability+ PLUS Symposium provides attendees real-world solutions from thought leaders, executives, and field experts invited from across the globe to speak on accountability and engagement in the workplace. Presentations featuring the latest cutting-edge science and state-of-the-art practices help leaders develop accountable and engaged employees in organizations across a spectrum of industries, including healthcare, tech, finance, and manufacturing.

"This has been the greatest experience of my life. It's helped me become the best leader that I can possibly be, it's helped our organization transform and be able to work on anything we need to work on to keep moving us forward."

Bryon Stephens, President of Marco's Pizza, on his experience at ACCEL 2016.

“Intentional culture management is the corporate key to top results,” said Kent Robinson, Interim CEO of Partners In Leadership. “Employers today want employees who excel in critical thinking, are able to work in our increasingly data analytic world and to be a part of the corporate culture.  Accountability+ PLUS gives companies the insight on how to implement this, focusing on preparing the next generation of employees, leaders and culture advocates."

At the symposium, attendees can join workshops on topics like generational divides in the workforce, preparing the next generation of leaders, improving and maintaining employee engagement, and the “Golden Hour” for making training initiatives stick. “Fireside Chat” roundtables allow experts to share ideas on mission-critical topics such as creating an organization’s cultural legacy, the stages of implementing accountability, and leadership initiatives that really work.

“Accountability+ PLUS gives our clients continued insight into implementing our Accountability Builder, Leadership Builder and Lead Culture products,” continued Robinson.

The Accountability+ PLUS Symposium is open to the public and professionals of all levels. Sessions for clients and sessions for those new to the concepts are available at the symposium. Seats are limited.

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