Culture, Communication "Critical to Long-Term Success" in Asia/Pacific Markets

Premier Asia-Pacific business seminar packs in firms eager to learn culture-focused strategies from Partners In Leadership

Senior Partner and President International, Tracy Skousen of Partners In Leadership, the Accountability Training and Culture Change Company, spoke to a full audience of American firms about the significant role culture and communication plays in establishing business in Asia/Pacific markets. The seminar was part of the Asia Pacific Business Outlook (APBO) Conference 2017, held in Los Angeles, California, March 27-28, 2017. Now in its thirtieth year, APBO brings together over 300 business leaders from across North America set to expand their trade and investment in the Asia/Pacific region.

Adrian Mutton, Founder and CEO of Sannam S4 and U.S. Business Centers, joined Skousen for the seminar, “Entering Foreign Markets: Critical Considerations To Think About,” where he outlined the essentials of the legal, financial, and logistical prerequisites for business to enter, and become competitive in the global market while Skousen focused on culture and leadership focused strategies.

“Of course, we must consider the complicated logistics of penetrating an international market,” Skousen said. “But gaining entry is just half of the story. It’s the challenges that companies face after setting up shop that make or break them,” Skousen said.  “This is true whether you have International companies investing in the United States (U.S.), or U.S companies investing internationally.”

Dedicating twenty years of his career to organizational culture, leadership and workplace accountability, Skousen spent much of the seminar discussing these intentional culture management tools and the long-term strategies for conducting business after a company has successfully penetrated a foreign market.

“For businesses to accel abroad, companies must adapt to new cultures and establish longstanding relationships with local business. Understanding culture and how to communicate with local business is critical to long-term success,” said Skousen. “Our experience at Partners In Leadership generates international companies that combine geographic culture with corporate culture.  Companies must embrace culture because the outcome of a great culture are great results”

The seminar was one in twenty-five offered during the two-day event where sixty other business leaders spoke, including Richard Drobnick, Director of IBEAR MBA Program and Assistant Dean of International Outreach for USC Marshall School of Business and John Wadsworth, Honorary Chairman of Morgan Stanley Asia and Advisory Director.


About Partners In Leadership

Partners In Leadership is a leading global consulting firm, the pioneer of Accountability Training, and innovator of cultural transformation. With their network of experts around the world and #1 award-winning content, the firm helps clients achieve their mission by dramatically boosting employee engagement, inspiring innovation, improving cross-collaboration, developing accountable leaders, blending strategy with culture, and more. The firm has enabled thousands of companies and millions of people achieve breakthrough results, reporting billions of dollars in improved shareholder wealth, saving hundreds of thousands of jobs, and shaping some of the best places to work in the world.

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About Tracy O. Skousen

Tracy Skousen, the author of Responsibility vs. Accountability: What’s the Difference?, is a Senior Partner with Partners in Leadership. He has over 25 years of experience in the leadership development and consulting industry. Tracy works with CEOs and their teams in enterprise-wide, multi-year processes focused on developing accountability skills to achieve unprecedented results, at notable organizations such as PETRONAS, Hormel, Cigna, FIS, Biogen, GM, Cadillac, Lens Crafters, Walmart, McDonald’s, Chase, Marriott, Pfizer, Microsoft, and Kellogg. The PIL process is time-tested and proven, in all industries through the globe.

About APBO

Asia Pacific Business Outlook (APBO) is North America’s premier event for business leaders who want to expand their trade and investment in the Asia/Pacific region. The USC Marshall School of Business and the U.S. Department of Commerce have been working together on APBO since 1988 to help exporters and investors take advantage of tremendous opportunities and overcome challenges in the constant changing economies of Asia. More than just a business conference, APBO is a comprehensive networking and learning experience designed to provide business leaders with the contacts and the latest, relevant and valuable information available–all focused, organized and distilled into two invaluable days.

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Source: Partners In Leadership