Bristol Farms Wins Gold at 2017 Ozzie Awards

Partners In Leadership awards leading natural food retailer prestigious 2017 Ozzie Award for extraordinary achievements in culture and growth.

Partners In Leadership, the Accountability Training and Culture Change Company, awarded the 2017 Gold Ozzie Award in the large company category to Bristol Farms, a leading Southern California grocery retailer of gourmet, organic, and natural foods. The Ozzie Awards celebrate organizations that demonstrate excellence in accountability, leadership and culture through implementation of Partners In Leadership programs.

"Bristol Farms exemplifies how a commitment to culture can revitalize a company," said Marcus Nicolls, Senior Partner at Partners In Leadership. “Adam Caldecott, the CEO of Bristol Farms, knew he had to do something differently. As a result, the organization has undergone a cultural transformation and turned the business around.”

"To achieve those goals required everyone in the organization to think and act differently. We had to work together. We had to talk to each other. Now we're coming off the single best year we've had as a company."

Adam Caldecott, President and COO of Bristol Farms

Through a focus on human interactions and culture rather than sales goals, Bristol Farms has not only achieved financial health, but also surpassed its stretch goals, finishing 2016 at a 7.7% growth in year-over-year sales and increasing the point-of-difference products number by 22% in an industry that has otherwise been flat.

“To achieve those goals required everyone in the organization to think and act differently,” said Adam Caldecott, president and COO of Bristol Farms. “We had to work together. We had to talk to each other. Now we’re coming off the single best year we’ve had as a company and performed substantially better than everyone else in the industry. We’re basking in our glory today.”

When Caldecott took over in 2014, the company had undergone a series of buyouts, which had left an environment of dissatisfaction and exhaustion. To get back on the right path, Caldecott introduced Partners In Leadership to senior leadership at Bristol Farms. Together, they have determined the company’s cultural beliefs, set goals, and established a common language for employees at every level. This has facilitated a shift from a "culture of sarcasm" to a culture of accountability where communication is positive, collaborative, and solution-oriented.

Partners In Leadership is proud to offer Bristol Farms the 2017 Gold Ozzie Award for their dedication to culture and resulting successes.

“It’s incredible to see Bristol Farms succeed and the enthusiasm that has spread across their team,” Nicolls said.

About Bristol Farms

Bristol Farms has collected a long string of accolades since their first store opened in 1982 in Rolling Hills, CA. Local media has given their Carson-based gourmet and specialty food retailer their “best” attribution, naming Bristol Farms the “best small market,” with the “best deli,” “best sushi,” “best meat,” and “best cooking school.” Zagat’s Marketplace Survey also rated Bristol Farms as the number one market in overall quality and service; their stores were described as “a shopper’s beautiful dream with wide aisles, helpful staff, and beautiful presentations.” To learn more, visit

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Source: Partners In Leadership